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DPROS Business Development is the driving force behind successful client and community connections and the powerhouse which builds and maintains positive working relationships with vendors, partner hotels, CVB, industry consortiums and third parties. These professionals thrive by finding, qualifying and closing business, and drive service and performance at all levels of operation. They serve as key link between the DPROS Experience + Design team, client, and industry contacts for full-service fulfillment of DMC, event and consultation services with an emphasis on client goals, ROI maximization and overall guest experience. 


DPROS Experience + Design Planners service clients by developing and creating custom tailored proposal and contract content by leveraging local vendor relationships, drawing on collective team experience and partnering with business development to maximize client retention, repeat business and end user guest experience . This team is the creative hub behind program development and design, taking responsibility for the accuracy and timely submission of strategic offerings in proposals and subsequent contract documents.   


DPROS Operations Managers are the boots-on-the-ground professionals who take program execution, planner and guest experience to the next level.  These event producers help build long-lasting and trusting relationships with clients, hotels and supplier partners through purposefully planned program logistics and award-winning performance on-site.  By seamlessly managing communications, setting high standard expectations and providing award winning onsite performance, Operations Managers allow trusted clients and hotel partners to bask in the afterglow of a flawlessly executed program. 


Field Staff represent DPROS onsite and are the smiles on the “front lines” of event management.  This position is essential to the on-site operations process and works with the Operations and Administration teams for full-service fulfillment of contracted DMC, event and consultation services. This position has flexible scheduling and is perfect for those seeking part-time work with seasonal hours.  Shifts can vary from 5 to 12 hours per day and are scheduled 6 months to 1 day in advance.


DPROS Operations Coordinators assist Operations Managers and the Experience + Design team by managing vendor communication, logistics planning and event inclusions. This team assists onsite, as well as behinds the scenes, making it the perfect position for young professionals looking to get their feet wet in the hospitality industry and corporate event space. 

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