In 2020 when the hospitality industry was stopped in its tracks and the only face to face interaction possible was via Zoom with all its technical difficulties, we saw many in our industry quickly pivot their approach and promote online virtual meetings. While we understand this move was a necessity to get through the pandemic safely, we also kept faith that we WOULD meet face to face again. Our ultimate goal was always to stay true to our beliefs - to prioritize the human connection with in-person meetings and to build upon existing relationships, unifying people through their shared experiences. In doing so, we maintained our invaluable connections with the ones that are the backbone of this industry and bring your events to life, especially our valued hotel partners, our irreplaceable vendors, and everyone in between.


It was this underlying innate belief and steadfast drive that gave us the courage to persist with our brand, our business approach, our work ethic, our core values as a team and most of all, share our local knowledge and dedication to our tried-and-true industry partners and clients. We have always lifted our team up to strive for the best and provide a service second to none. We returned to our roots and core values and with that, proudly announce the rebirth of our original name,

Destination PROS!

We are not new, you know us...with 30 years of DMC experience, an award-winning leadership team with dedicated staff and unparalleled service, Destination PROS is (in a humble brag) better than ever and excited to continue developing, creating, and producing the events we love with the clients and hotel and vendor partners that have weathered the past year (and then some) with us.

Our team is here to connect planners with our local destinations to create and execute memorable events in Southern California, Arizona, and beyond. So, what are you waiting for? Send us a note- we truly cannot wait to hear from you to plan like a local with us!


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Being inherently impassioned about our work, we are dedicated to the success of every project. We are committed as a team to make ideas come to life and to drive the details home from start to finish.


The foundation of all our relationships rests in the dedication that we uphold the highest standards of honesty and reliability. We surround ourselves with those who make us better people and we hope to inspire others to do the same.

We are thrilled to share our local knowledge and bring big dreams to life, while having fun at the same time. Our enthusiasm translates into extraordinary experiences and successful outcomes. We can't wait to share our passion with you!


By putting people first, we develop beneficial relationships that create a positive difference in our clients’ lives. With thoughtful sharing and respect, we leverage our collective genius to bring you innovative and memorable programs.

Developing trust in every relationship is the key to success. We understand trust must be earned, and we will do everything in our power to make certain you know you can rely on us to deliver on our commitments.





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Being a Western New Yorker my whole life (#GO BILLS), the cold gave me purpose to seek warmer weather so I traded in my snow boots for some flip flops. My unusual background of graduating from the local Sheriff’s academy and working in law-enforcement instilled a work ethic like no other, which opened up doors to my events background. After leaving New York almost 10 years later, the event's life has been nothing short of exhilarating. From producing specific themed events, to operations and everything in between, I thrive in a flexible schedule with a team dynamic that always has my back. I’m overjoyed to be back with the team after blazing my own trail in the hospitality industry and cannot wait to see what more we accomplish here at Destination Pros.


Although born and raised in Northern California, I’ve always been a Southern California girl at heart. After high school, my craving for sunshine and ocean air brought me to UC Santa Barbara where I obtained a degree in Global Studies. Quickly after graduating, I continued southward to San Diego, which not only became my forever home, but also led me to discover my passion for the DMC industry. With a combined background in sales, operations and creative event design – I bring 9 years of successful DMC experience to Destination PROS. 


From the first proposal I wrote back in 2011, I knew the DMC industry was where I was meant to be. As an original team member of Destination PROS, I have been able to grow, perfect and blossom in program development, sharpening both my creative and analytical skills to bring you custom experiences based on your unique event vision. Over the last 10 years, I have brought to life multimillion dollar functions, while also creating impactful programs for guests attending a routine sales meeting. 

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With over 16 years experience working in the Destination Management Industry, I am one of the original founding team members of Destination PROS. I've had the opportunity to hold almost every position within the company from creating award-winning events to logistically operating programs in various destinations. 


Growing up on a farm in Illinois, hard work has always been a core value. That combined with perseverance and a spirit of adventure propelled me to pursue a BA at TCU and later a JD at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles. With a home base in Southern California, I was able to express my love for travel at work by creating tour itineraries and implementing them as a tour director leading groups cross country by motorcoach. After settling down, a career in destination management was a natural path allowing me to showcase my local knowledge and operations skills. My first foray into the DMC world started with a bang with an incentive group attending World Cup in 1994. Decades and hundreds of programs later, I am thrilled to be a Principal at Destination PROS!


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Born and raised in Phoenix Arizona, I ventured off to Southern California after college and enjoyed the sunshine of the west coast for over 20 years. As an Arizona native, I eventually returned to Phoenix in 2017 as Principal of our Arizona office. With over 25 years of experience, I have successfully managed numerous top client programs throughout an array of destinations in and outside of the United States. I believe an attention to detail, passion for perfection, and the innate ability to problem solve are instrumental in my ability to successfully implement and operate a program to fruition. 


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As a Southern California native, I studied psychology at Long Beach at Marymount College and Cal State. There I was able to foster an interest in how I could help others grow by creating an ideal work environment. After over thirty years in the travel industry, I had the pleasure of starting my own DMC. Destination PROS was where I found I had a knack for creating shared experiences that bring people together- a quality that still runs deep in our values and daily operations today.

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